Thursday, February 19, 2004

Tonight, a few entirely unrelated comments:

(1) Long ago (in internet time), Naomi Chana related her frustration with those who insist that baking is a "science." Here's a more reasonable approach, from yesterday's New York Times. Frank, sensible observations all around -- except that bit about cakes lasting all weekend. What is she talking about?

(2) Avid Protocols readers may have found themselves exploring the Forward's website recently. (Username and password "protocols" -- you didn't hear it from me.) This article caught my eye. DH believes that the response of the New York Jewish community would have been different, and he is probably right. Still, very interesting. . .

(3) I haven't been able to kick the urge to apologize for my inability to spell. (I know, Dad, I apologize too much.) In the past, I pooh-pooed those who decried spellcheck. Now that I'm using comment features that don't correct my spelling, I'm feeling the burn. If you're as nitpicky as I am, you may have also noticed that my transliterations are inconsistent. The system used by semiticists is a pain, and I haven't settled on an alternative. For now, my fellow nitpickers, you'll just have to deal.

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