Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I posted a comment on Protocols' Feb. 7th entry that some of you may have read. The post referred to a Jewish Press headline, and my comment went something like this: "The Jewish community would be a lot better off if we all ignored this and everything else published in the Jewish Press."

This comment, as might have been expected, ignited considerable ire. DH will be disappointed in me for saying this, but I take my statement back. We shouldn't necessarily ignore "everything" printed in the Jewish Press. Often, Jewish Press articles exhibit irresponsible, heavily biased journalism, but that is not always the case. In fact, the paper is so disorganized that it runs contradictory articles all the time. Which is precisely the problem: there seems to be no one in charge to ensure journalistic integrity.

The upshot is, if there's a columnist you like who publishes in the Jewish Press, go ahead and read his or her column. If you enjoy the divrei torah, read the divrei torah. If you get some kind of peverse pleasure from reading the bizarre frummie advice column, by all means, read that as well. But if you're looking for reliable information on world events, please, don't read the Jewish Press.

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