Sunday, February 01, 2004

Today is a very special day: It is the day that Cabot Cheese renews its Tablet-K certification. I will post a list of this year's certified cheeses when we receive our copy of the certificate. (Yes, the list does expand.) If you e-mail Cabot requesting your own copy, they will also send coupons.

For those who may not know, Tablet-K is not a pill. It is a certification that a product is kosher, generally indicated by Michelangelo-style tablets with a "K" in the middle. Cabot cheese, for whatever reason, does not print the symbol on their packages, so the only way to find out which cheeses are certified kosher is to request a certificate.

A certain amount of controversy surrounds the reliability of Tablet-K. The suspicious are encouraged to join the Kosherblog squad in their search for quality cheeses with less controversial hekhshers.

On the fleichig side of things, the most recent Kosherblog post redefines "all you can eat." Hope you're hungry...

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