Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Tomorrow is study card day, and I still haven't chosen a fourth class. This semester's choice of courses has begun to seem utterly pathetic. If I end up taking a third semester of Genesis with Professor L (as much as I love him), I may go insane. I haven't fulfilled my ancient language requirement, I have no concentration, and it doesn't appear that I can even begin to remedy either problem this spring. Meanwhile, my advisor has no time to meet and hasn't yet responded to my e-mail. I can't stop thinking that when he does write back, the message will say, "I showed your e-mail to my colleagues, and we're in general agreement that you don't belong in this program." It's that kind of week.

On the bright side, my paleography class is going to be a blast. Remember that story about the earliest known alphabetic inscriptions, discovered at Wadi el-Hol? Professor H printed this photo and asked us to practice drawing the letters. The ultimate goal is to gain a sense for the gradual development of West Semitic scripts.

No biblical theology tonight. I'm far too nervous and confused, not to mention busy. I will try to blog about the article by the end of the week.

Good night.

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