Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Hopefully this will be my last post about The Passion before someone I know actually sees it. By far the most thorough discussion of the movie and its critics that I've seen is at Keshser Talk. If you're not sick of the subject by now (I realize that the movie's been out a full two days already), Kesher's the blog to follow. For the best background I've seen, read this ancient post by Naomi Chana. Finally, if you're actually planning to see the movie, I request (no, plead) that you go prepared to address the following questions:

1. How faithful is Gibson to the Gospels? (Please reread the portions of the Gospels that narrate the Passion, if necessary.)
2. When forced to choose between Gospel narratives, what sorts of choices did Gibson make? Why do you think he made these decisions? What is the overall affect of his choices?
3. Did Gibson employ extracanonical material, and if so, how freely? (Please read up on the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich if you have not already done so.) What is the overall effect of these embellishments?
4. Did you notice any anachronisms?
5. Did the movie make you "really want to kill a Jew?" (If so, I hope you're not in the Boston area.)

I realize that I'm being very demanding, but think of it this way: you're suffering through the movie out of love for me and all the other geeks awaiting your feedback.

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