Thursday, February 26, 2004

Okay, so that wasn't my last blog about The Passion. This article is too articulate to miss. If you can handle any more, read Andrew Sullivan's comments, too.

Religion and Politics: Sullivan has posted dozens of e-mails on the amendment travesty. I found this one particularly insightful:

"We've witnessed a shift in Republican politics. The Republican establishment used to pay lip service to religious conservative interests while openly courting independent voters with moderate policies because it knew it could get the religious conservative vote regardless (who were they going to vote for, Clinton!?). But now, it seems Bush is paying lip service to independent interests while openly promoting religious conservative policy. Who are we going to vote for, Kerry?

Well, yes."

Unfortunately, Kerry has no backbone. Edwards, as usual, is confused. Am I alone in finding our options downright depressing?

That's about as far into politics as I'm willing to venture in this blog. Although, knowing you guys, there will soon be a strand of about fifty comments.

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