Monday, February 23, 2004

These have been a strange few days. At the very start of what is supposed to be the happiest month of the Jewish calendar, we were greeted with this horrible news. Yet the Purim preparations continue.

I've been a rather awful student lately. Most of this morning was devoted to reading teshuvot (responsa) on homosexuality, courtesy of Zackary Sholem Berger. None of the material to which he links is new, and some of you may have read it already. It was all new to me, though, and I thank him for the resources.

Berger and I seem to have different ideas about what a Conservative teshuva should look like. Personally, I think that Rabbi Simcha Roth has the right idea. (His teshuva is posted on the Keshet site). I'll blog more about this later. (Really. This won't go the way of biblical theology.)

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