Monday, January 16, 2006

Schepping Naches

Jack Abramoff is a Brandeis alumnus and former chariman of the Brandeis College Republicans, according to an article in Sunday's Globe.
Selected the lead student organizer for Reagan in Massachusetts, Abramoff hung ''Reagan '80" banners off bridges over Route 128, helped register 3,000 students to vote, schmoozed men in South Boston social clubs, and accompanied Maureen Reagan, the candidate's daughter, on a trip to Brookline to persuade the Bostoner Rebbe, a national Hasidic leader, to endorse Reagan, a nod that was believed to be worth thousands of Orthodox Jewish votes.. . .

[In a tidbit submitted to the alumni notes last year], Abramoff mentions he is married with five children, helped start two schools in Washington, is lobbying Congress, and has fond memories of his years at Brandeis.

''It was a great experience and I learned a lot!" he wrote.


The Town Crier said...

Crooks start young.

Mar Gavriel said...

Please check your e-mail.

dad said...

Abramoff is like Kushman who procured a pretty israeli boy for hizzoner, the former Governor of New Jersey whom one can only assume he was subtly or crudely blackmailing for state coperation in reaping huge profits in Jersey real estate. Tzadikim like these two criminals are all too commonplace in the (modern?)orthodox community. Their support of Jewish education and synagogues is an indulgence/insurance policy to buy them heavyweight community support when they're facing a jail ssentence. It got Kushner a slap on the wrist when he deserved thirty years but it won't help Abramoff. The national concience won't tolerate ripping off Native Americans. As putrid as these individuals are, there is no denying the amorality of the community they have made their devil's bargain with. A spokeswoman for one of the major Jewish organizations that benefited from Kushner's largesse was asked by a journalist if her orgnization would be returning the money. "We're waiting to see what other organizations do," she said. Knowing Jews and gabby Jewish society, can anyone believe that the Orthodox Jews in South Orange needed the cops to tell them that Kushner ws a degnerate and a crook? Whatta shanda.


Michael said...

Abramoff was actually head of the NATIONAL College Republicans as well; I remember going to the 1982 CR convention when Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist were the big shots in the group. Thankfully, I was not involved enough to actually know Abramoff personally.

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