Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Public Service Announcement

The Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards are back, and this year they're co-sponsored by the Jerusalem Post. This is a fun opportunity to become acquainted with new blogs and to show support for your favorites. (No, you still can't vote for Apikorsus, but thanks for asking.) Voting begins January 9th. (I guess they're running on Jewish time.)


Mar Gavriel said...

you still can't vote for Apikorsus

Why not? Is there a ballot or something?

elf said...

There's a list of nominees.

Yalta said...

When I first learned of the awards (this came before reading your post), I immediatly looked to see if there was any way to vote for you as a write-in.

Sister had the baby last week. She is obnoxiously gorgous. Photos forthcoming. And I lost your # when I went throught two cell phones last week. (Only me, right?)

elf said...

OMG, Send pics!