Sunday, March 14, 2004

In honor of Pi Day, here is a pie recipe that won my sister great acclaim.

Why this is the best pie recipe in the world:
1. There's nothing like lots of fresh lemon to wake up your taste buds.
2. The sweet/tart combination is out of this world.
3. You can make it parve with no substantial sacrifice in flavor.
4. It comes out gorgeous every time.

I plan to blog about more serious matters after getting some work done. In the meantime, I wonder whether someone with broader knowledge of halakha than me can answer a question. In discussions of halakhic change, my husband often refers to the Orthodox position allowing deaf people to serve as witnesses in spite of an explicit rabbinic prohibition. Unfortunately, neither of us is certain of the reasoning behind that position. Can anyone explain?

Oh, yeah. Berger has posted a response to his friend's response to R. Simcha Roth's teshuva. Happy reading.

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