Saturday, January 31, 2004

I apologize if my posts have been a bit on the "lurid and ridiculous" side lately. I suppose I've been unusually bored.

Religion and Politics: Today's news provides those of us who do not live in the Bible Belt with two new reasons to be grateful. The first regards the sentencing of an eighteen-year-old Kansas boy to 17 years in prison for oral sex with a fourteen-year-old boy. The same crime, if committed against a member of the opposite sex, would be punishable by 13 to 15 months of imprisonment.

"In finding that the different treatment was valid, the state court commented in its 2-1 decision:

'The Legislature could have reasonably determined that to prevent the gradual deterioration of the sexual morality approved by a majority of Kansans, it would encourage and preserve the traditional sexual mores of society.'" Read more.

Our second cause for gratitude is more laughable than horrifying. The school superintendent of Georgia has apparently proposed maintaining evolution in the state's biology curriculum while replacing the term "evolution" with "biological changes over time." The compromise has, of course, pleased no one. Read more.

Certain Jews and other non-Protestants are in agreement with evangelicals on issues such as homosexuality, evolution, and abortion. Such individuals should nonetheless recognize that attempts to turn the United States into a Protestant theocracy are not to their benefit.

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