Thursday, July 06, 2006

Progressive Faith Blog Con

I often neglect to check the e-mail account that I use for this blog, so I just found out about the Progressive Faith Blog Conference, which will be held at the Montclair State University conference center on the weekend of July 14th. I won't be able to make it personally, and, truth be told, that's a bit of a relief. Although I do sometimes embrace a genuinely progressive theology, most of the time my religious side is not very progressive and my progressive side is not very liberal. Being around real religious liberals tends to make me more aware of the inconsistencies of my position and send me hurtling to the right, which I'm not really up for right now.

However, the con looks like it will be a lot of fun for those who are less schizophrenic than me. It also seems to be pretty well organized. This is the website, and this is the blog (of course there's a blog!). If, like me, you won't be attending in person, stay tuned: there may be a live chat during the con, and there will undoubtedly be updates from the participants.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the plug, even though you can't join us. :-) As an organizer, of course, I want it to be endlessly fabulous and interesting and thought-provoking and fun; as a realistic human being I know it can't possibly be all of those things for everyone the whole time. So I'm trying to balance those two sets of expectations...

Anyway. I figure if nothing else, it'll be a neat chance to meet some other people who care about religion and politics (whatever those words mean.) And every time I've had the chance to meet bloggers in person, the overlay of our RL encounter has added nuance to my reading of their blogs thereafter, so this might do some interesting things for my sense of connection with people who agree with me -- and people who don't. :-)