Sunday, March 12, 2006

Some Pre-Purim Fun

If you are a J-blog reader and haven't visited the Muqata recently, be sure to stop by. Jameel and a slew of guest bloggers have been parodying popular J-blogs and even producing elaborate mirror sites. The posts are funniest if you read the blogs being parodied, but I was amused by several parodies of blogs that I don't read as well. This Lipman post takes the hamentaschen, but this parody of Ask Shifra made me laugh, too. And of course, if you are a mean-spirited liberal like myself, you will enjoy this Cross-Currents spoof, especially the parody of Toby Katz ("Brokeback Balabusta"), which is disturbing similar to the original. (Since I know there are some Mar Gavriel readers here, a special link to his spoof, too. Very funny, if you read the real thing.)

More giggles here for the JTS/ Boston-area crowd.


Lipman said...

Thanks, I'm flushing.


taylweaver said...

Wow! That margavriel parody was rather entertaining! And even more fun, I actually recognized half of the parodied names - as in, I know the real people. As one of "Pasteurized Odwalla"s apartment mates, I not only check the blog every so often, I also know how it relates to actual Shabbat (or weekday) events.

Do you actually know MG, or did you just find his blog through other people?

elf said...

I know people who know MG, and I've corresponded with him via e-mail, but that's it. (Do you know who I am, btw? B/c you and I know each other...)